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My Friends Are Right, I Do Have ADD

My Friends Are Right, I Do Have ADD

Last night I was hanging out with some of the crew online and playing a new MORPG Slipgate Legacy. It also happens that I was reading an article on Insteon, searching for a replacement to the crappy windows clipboard that could hold more than one thing at a time, keeping an eye on Twitter, listening to the scanner, and for some background noise I turned on The DaVinci Code since I had never seen it and wanted to compare it to the book (the ridiculousness of which is the subject matter for some other post).

During the course of our voice chat, I mentioned to my friends that if a movie couldn’t hold my interest while I was engaged in three other activities it just wasn’t worth my time. They all proceeded to inform me that I had ADD. I maintain that I don’t have ADD, I just multi task. A lot. Perhaps to the point of loonacy, but still, it remains multi-tasking.

It did, however, bring to mind a memory from childhood which potentially prooves their point.

Six Thirty in the morning, I’m in the middle of the sweetest dream… [Fine, I’ll stop ripping off Yankee Grey now, but the first part of that was true] Mom wakes me up to give me some eyedrop or another. It so happens I have the scanner, the 2M ham radio, one radio tuned to channel 12 across the room, and the one next to the bed on the morning newscast from channel 6.

She asked how in the world I could keep track of it all, and I smarted off by telling her exactly what was happening on each radio from the traffic stop PD was running, to the morning commute chatter on the local repeater, to whatever news story was going on each TV station. See developing my multitasking skills early. 🙂

It is probably time the truth of one aspect of that morning came out though. The only reason the channel 12 radio wasn’t off was because I was too lazy to get up and turn it off. So, I suppose I was cultivating my procrastination habbit too. Sorry Mom.

So, I’ll leave it up to y’all. Multi tasking, or ADD? 🙂