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I’m Still Around

I’m Still Around

Rachael asked if I was ever going to blog again. The short answer is yes… Eventually..

Life has either not seemed that interesting or I’ve been too annoyed with things to cohereantly blog. I’ll try and give a brief rundown of what’s ben going on.

  • The Saga Of My Attempt At A 9-1-1 Career

Ok, I’m sure I’ve talked about my desire to get a job as a telecommunicator with our local 9-1-1 center. Well, they finally posted the job description in early November and were opening the job to the public on the 13th. My friend who does the computer work for the agency thought we should try my screenreader on the CAD software just to see if it worked and how much scripting we might need done. This was a question I wanted answered as well.

We went into Dispatch and asked the director if he cared that we try it. He seemed mildly interested in it, so we went ahead and installed the software on a spare workstation. It actually worked pretty well. There would be the need to create a few prompts for unlabled edit fields and such, but nothing too substantial. At one point, while we were waiting for a set of speakers, I had a brief conversation with the Assistant Director who asked why I was interested in working for 9-1-1 and if I thought I could do calltaking or radio. I assured her I could handle both positions and that I didn’t see a problem doing any of the required tasks.

The Friday after that, I spent the night with 2rd shift and I thought it went well. It was a slow night, but I got to learn some things and who a few more people were.

I turned in my application the first day I could and waited to hear back…

December 6. Rumor told me the list of candidates they wanted called back for interviews had been turned into HR the previous friday. I decided to make a follow-up call to HR and see what the status of the position was. After playing phone tag with their office I was told the interviews had been conducted already.

I was, to say the least, not happy. Everyone I knew that worked there or was involved in the department was confident I would at least get an interview.

I’m still trying to find out why I didn’t. HR wasn’t able to tell me anything more than the basic criteria I used. I’ve got a call into the Director to find out what happened. Based on the position description, I can’t see how I wasn’t even qualified to get an interview.

I have been encouraged to persue this legally and I”m honestly not sure what I’m going to do. I’m pretty pissed and really want an explanation, but this county can be so backwards, unwilling to give people a chance, and political that it isn’t even funny.

  • More Employment Saga

Ok, maybe I posted about this, but I’m too lazy to go look, I got beat out for the job with the police/fire departments by… the Police Chief’s brother!!! ARGGHHH!!

Anyway, now I’m waiting to hear back from the hospital about an application I turned in for a second shift help desk position. I think if I don’t get this, I’m giving up and becoming a professional mattress tester.

  • Holidays

We spent the week of Thanksgiving at Treva’s parents’ place in Amish country. We had a good time, but I really wish at least one of the neighbors would get wireless so I could ‘borrow’ it and check my mail. :-).

Christmas will be spent in Wisconsin. We will be getting there on the 23rd and leaving the 29th. Make your appointment with my social secretary now.

  • Other Stuff

Homegroup has been going really well. (No, I’m not just saying that because you read this Rett.) It’s been good having it here and I love having a small group for study and discussion.

Hmmm, what else… Why does JAWS keep crashing while I write this post? Will I ever get my TV’s sound working so I don’t have to reset the mixer every time? Will I ever make enough money to hire a maid to clean my house?? I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned.

I’m sorry for the pathetic length of time between posts. I will try to do better.

I miss you all.

Wow, that looks kind of depressing. It’s not as bad as it looks, I’m just feeling kind of blah about the whole job thing right now and I think that clouds my mood about everything else. I keep telling Treva not to define herself by her work and yet… I seem to be defining myself by my lack thereof. Psychoanalyze that. 🙂


I Will Not Be Eating There For A While

I Will Not Be Eating There For A While

Every so often the local paper publishes the results of the Health Department’s inspections of local eateries and other establishments involved in the preparation, sale, and/or distribution of food and food like products.

This month’s “EWWW! That’s. So. Nasty.” award goes to.

*drum roll*

Bob Evans Restaurant 454, 950 Mendleson Drive, Richmond, Sept. 21. Critical — 6: 1) Employees were observed changing gloves without washing their hands. 2) An employee was observed placing cheese on top of an omelet with bare hands. 3) An employee was observed handling raw sausage patties and bacon and then handling toast without changing gloves. 4) Cottage cheese at the waitress station measured 46. 5) The can opener in the rear prep area is soiled with a build-up of food debris. 6) Clean dishes stored in the salad prep cooler are soiled with a build-up of fallen food debris. Non-Critical — 1.

That, in case you are wondering, is why I will only consume food at the east side location for the time being.

*cringe* BLECK!

Just Pay the $6 Already

Just Pay the $6 Already

Ironically, given that this post is about local politics, the tagline that greets me, incase it has changed by the time you read this, is “the price of living in a democracy is that any moron can vote, say what they want, and procreate at will.”

An article our local paper Tuesday morning discussed Monday night’s special meeting of the Richmond Common Council to discuss a $6 increase in monthly sewer bills in order to help pay for capital improvements to our sewer system.

The problem is that the federal government has ordered cities to improve the quality of water it allows to drain into area rivers. Cities can do so by regulating
the amount and quality of water that runs from the city to streams.

When you take into account that this water is absorbed by the atmosphere, redistributed in the form of rain, and eventually drunk, bathed in, or used to wash food this doesn’t seem to be a bad deal.

In addition, the southwest part of the city has been plagued by flooding. The city has tried to solve that problem by installing a holding tank near the affected homes. Unfortunately, according to someone I’ve spoken with in the Sanitation department, this will only hold water for 15 seconds in heavy rain. The improvements to the sewer system are needed to help solve this problem as well.

Some landlords, who own rental property in the city, are upset because the fee may be charged on a per-unit basis. They’ll just
pass that cost along to their tennants the next time the lease is up so I don’t see what they have to be angry about.

The article quotes Councilman Bing Welch as saying, “”In 2004 we gave you an increase in user fees. Now you’re asking to hit us again. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the numbers you’ve given me.” Granted I wasn’t here in 2004 and I’m certainly no expert on sewage systems or City policies, but I’m guessing that “increase in user fees” can be explained by a basic principle of economics, something they taught all of us in high school is a guarantee, INFLATION. Prices go up, and if there’s no way to pay for that increase, services decline or even stop.

I hear people wining all the time about how, “things are too expensive,” and, “it didn’t used to cost this much.” That’s true, but I don’t think there’s any way of stopping it. Milk isn’t 50 cents a galon, you can’t get a burger and fries for 45 cents and you can’t buy a car for much under 10 grand. Guess what, at least as far as the car goes, you’re paying for better safety, more features, and reliability.

This $6 charge is one meal at McDonalds, a 24 pack of pop, and just barely gets you into the movies. If it were your, thos who are complaining, basement that was filling up with water because of an aging wastewater system you would be screaming bloody murder until things changed. In an era where people are screaming about too much government and asking, “What is my money being spent on?” here’s a darn good answer. It’s being spent to improve a city who needs imrpoving.

If Richmond wants to become an economically viable city and attract new economic development opportunities we will need to improve not only the way the place looks, but also the way it functions. The things you don’t see, like what happens when you flush your toilet, are just as viable to building and maintaing interest in living here as how good the park looks and where you can go eat dinner.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the city is going to misspend the 1.5 million a year they have the potential to collect with this fee, but I don’t think so. The Sanitation department has already identified 16 major projects this money will be earmarked for. I’m as fiscally conservative as the next guy, but when we have the 5th largest unemployment rate, as a county, in the state I think anything we can do to improve the marketability of our city is crucial. It’s not glamorous, it isn’t exciting, but it is a necessity.



If any of you want to make some money by driving me and/or Treva around, let’s talk. I’m willing to pay at least as much as I do for a cab, but I also like to use services as Uber or Lyft, and the help of services like Brooklyn Lyft Attorney in case accidents happen while using these services.

Seriously. Let’s talk. Cuz waiting an hour when you’re told 35 minutes, consistantly, is annoying.

Oh, and Mr. Cabdriverman, I hope you don’t get pulled over with that illegal scanner you’re running around with.

Feminists Have Fun

Feminists Have Fun

July 3, 1858

Advice to wives from a now-extinct Richmond newspaper.

Richmond’s oddest-named newspaper, the Broad Axe of Freedom & Grubbing Hoe of Truth, published between 1856 and 1864, gave advice that is very much antiquated today.

The July 3, 1858, Ladies Department column read:

“Now, women, in the first place, you must never obtrude your opinion on any subject whatever — always try to remember your inferiority and insignificance — try by all means to cultivate a submissive and deferential spirit, which you can the more easily do by keeping constantly in view that man is the living embodiment of lordly greatness and power — the great oak, while you are the tender vine, and only too happy to twine your graceful tendrils around the strong and manly form. It is your duty, of course, to be pleased with whatever he does, and by your hopeful, loving spirit chase away the shadows from his heart… You must be very careful that everything is in order when his feet cross the threshold — let there be no unmade beds, scattered clothing, or crying children, because it would be very annoying, and perhaps ruffle his temper. But have the children, whether they are few or many, in a pleasant humor, nicely washed and combed — have a good warm dinner, or tasteful and elegant supper awaiting his return, and don’t worry him by asking him to spend the evening with you, when the concert of the theatre affords him so much more pleasure — you certainly could not be so selfish as to make such a demand.”

The preceeding statement was a direct quotation. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the staff and management of the Niner and Associates Blog.

That being said. Have fun in the comments section. Come on, I dare you.

That Smart Alec Upstart Indianapolis

That Smart Alec Upstart Indianapolis

The following is excerpted from “200 Years of Richmond History” in today’s paper.

The June 29, 1874, Richmond Dailey Independent reports:
Richmond has grown deservedly, earning every stiver she owns. No bawling money lenders wallowed our way who would pasture a pig on his mother’s grave. This remark has a high falutin’ tinge but is too true to be wicked! We venture the assertion more men in Richmond own their own homes, earn more money weekly, live better, and are better satisfied when Saturday night comes than any of her comrades in the state… including that smart Alec upstart Indianapolis!

I’m sure not going to pretend I understood the first couple of sentences, but I guess those Richmondites thought rather highly of themselves. So highly in fact that they, in order to become the count seat, nearly went to war with Centerville. Ah, but that’s a story for a different time.