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200 Water Slides In the Midwest Sun

200 Water Slides In the Midwest Sun

I was cleaning out my folder of automatic downloads from The Funny Music Project and this song from The Great Luke Ski made me grin like an idiot.

My fellow Wisconsillisotans* know that the Wisconsin Dells is where many happy summer memories were made. I’m not sure how much actual time we spent there when I was a kid, but I do have memories of going to a lot of the places mentioned in the song.

Mom can pipe in and correct me if my geography is completely out of whack, but I think I remmeber doing a lot of these things in conjunction with our triennial vacations to the Lighthouse Resort on Fence Lake.

Also, that one time I skipped work around the Fourth of July to go to Noah’s Arc. I mean, come on, it is where the water animals play :-).**

Anyway. Enjoy the song, and if you’ve never been there, think of the fun you could have.

* The conglomeration of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

** “Skipped” only because I didn’t have any vacation days being essentially a Per Diem employee and I forgot to call in until we were on the highway. As it turns out, my boss, and the backup I reported to, were both out that day too.



I am emerging from my blogging hideyhole because I have absolutely had it with this Sarah McGlauclin give us money to sponsor an animal or whatever commercial that runs at least twice every commercial break on Nickelodeon and, more realistically because I feel guilty for not conversating with you awesome people. Before the men from PETA and the SPCA jump out from behind the plants and beat me with pipes, or tree branches, or something allow me to say that I am completely against animal abuse.

I am also against the abuse of my senses. I’m not kidding people. That thing runs all the time. Furthermore Angel gets stuck in my head. Really now. I can tollerate that song as much as the next person, but sheesh, I need a break.

In other news we got seriously lost on the way to work today.

Last night, we went to Baskin-Robbins to participate in their $0.31 a scoop fundraiser for firefighters. We caught a cab from Penn Station and met a guy who seemed nice enough and who we though we might try to use as a regular driver in the morning. I called him this morning, he picked us up. I told him the route I would prefer to take to work (since the route most drivers take takes longer, costs more, and goes right through the heart of downtown traffic). Since his MDT and GPS were down, he proceeded to try and read a map while driving down the road at 55 MPH. Unfortunately for me the seatbelt on my side of the back seat was jammed.

By getting onto I-95, when that was nowhere near necessary, having to turn around, get off near the Inner Harbor, missing the turn onto the southbound street we needed, and getting annoyed when neither of us absolved him of his guilt for making us late, he managed to turn a 20 minute tops trip into 45 minutes. To top it all off I think I accidentally said we would use him every morning when he asked what time we would be ready. GRRR. Well, I give him one more shot. If he can’t get to work in a reasonable time tomorrow I’m telling him we will not be needing his services as I intend to spend the weekend building a matter teleportation system.

I am no longer promising new posts. As much as I would like to blog with something approaching regularity and as many times as I promise posts, I think you’ve all got me figured out. I’m just a big giant liar. I’ll blog when I blog and you, well, if you’re still here I figure it’s because I’ve glommed onto your RSS reader and you’re stuck with me. 🙂

Work is still rocking. I was in Kansas City, MO for all of 26 hours for meetings this week. They went really well and I think some good stuff is going to come out of them.

I’m ducking back into my hole now.

Love me!

I’ve Been Messing With the Blog

I’ve Been Messing With the Blog

Okay. Y’all may have seen a lot of short, random, posts to the blog over the past week. They seemed like a good idea at the time… Let me explain.

Last week on the way to an appointment I thought to myself, “Man, I want to put this thought on the blog and on twitter. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could have the blog grab my twitter posts and turn them into feeds?” At this point, I diverged into an internal monologue about the technical feasability of this process which I will not bore you with here. It turns out someone already did the dirty work for me and all I had to do was install a plug in.

Excellent, I thought, now I can post to twitter and have a reminder of things I want to “flesh out” on the site later. It was a couple days later that I realized I didn’t like the way the post titles were coming out. The plugin was using the first 30 characters of the post for the title. Yesterday I figured I would rework it so the time was included in the title instead. Well, for some reason I could only get the date and time or the whole thing looked like I wrote it in 1999.

So for now I think I’ll just leave the twitter updates in the sidebar and try, I know so far unsuccessfully, to actually post things of value here.

Also, for some odd reason I wasn’t getting e-mails when comments were being posted. Hopefully that’s fixed now.

Happy Birthday 9-1-1

Happy Birthday 9-1-1

Got this from the 911LifeLine Yahoo group.

On February 16, 1968, the first 9-1-1 call is placed by Alabama Speaker of the House Rankin Fite from Haleyville City Hall to U.S. Rep. Tom Bevill at the city’s police station. Bevill reportedly answered the phone, “Hello.” The Alabama Telephone Company had beaten ATT&T’s implementation by 35 days. Twelve days later, on February 22, 1968, Nome, Alaska implements 9-1-1 service.

The complete history of 9-1-1:

Welcome to 2007

Welcome to 2007

Fine. Technically 2007 started somewhere around 3 days ago, but I believe we have already established that I live in a cave and am semi-conscious most of the time so let’s just embrace the fact that I remembered the year had changed at all. Unlike last year when I had to change the dates on 3 checks from 2005 to 2006. A feat which would have been easier than changing a 6 to a 7. Although, I have managed to make an 8 look like a 2, so I suppose anything is possible.

But I digress.

We’re back from Wisconsin where we spent the week of Christmas. My family is doing well, and there’s the possibility my grandma is now reading this blog so, “Hi Nana.”

Got some cool stuff for Christmas and had a good time seeing my family again.

I will not for a second pretend the whole thing with my parents wasn’t incredibly strange… because it most assuredly was. Having to coordinate schedules and figure out when to do what with whom was nothing short of awkward. We were successfully able to see Mom almost every day we were there, so that was good.

I did miss our church though. VERY MUCH!

When we came back, I decided it was time to make the switch to a different web host. I didn’t like the fact that smodifying people’s e-mail accounts required me to send someone else an e-mail. I wanted tat control myself. I got a heck of a deal too. For $7 a month I get 200 GB of storage and 999 GB of transfer. That means we now have somewhere to store the podcast… once we record one.

I think that’s pretty much it. No news on the job front, but my uncle did help me touch up my resume again, so we’ll see if it makes a difference.

Oh yeah. I applied for classes at the local technical college. I figure I’ll finish out my AAS in Computer Information Systems and then explore the BS in Emergency Management. Both schools offer distance education classes you can do online, and I think I am going to go that route. I’ve always learned things better that way and traditional classes have a tendancy to bore me to tears. Hopefully at least one or two of the classes I’ve taken in the past will count for some sort of credits and I won’t have to start completely at the beginning.

I’m Still Around

I’m Still Around

Rachael asked if I was ever going to blog again. The short answer is yes… Eventually..

Life has either not seemed that interesting or I’ve been too annoyed with things to cohereantly blog. I’ll try and give a brief rundown of what’s ben going on.

  • The Saga Of My Attempt At A 9-1-1 Career

Ok, I’m sure I’ve talked about my desire to get a job as a telecommunicator with our local 9-1-1 center. Well, they finally posted the job description in early November and were opening the job to the public on the 13th. My friend who does the computer work for the agency thought we should try my screenreader on the CAD software just to see if it worked and how much scripting we might need done. This was a question I wanted answered as well.

We went into Dispatch and asked the director if he cared that we try it. He seemed mildly interested in it, so we went ahead and installed the software on a spare workstation. It actually worked pretty well. There would be the need to create a few prompts for unlabled edit fields and such, but nothing too substantial. At one point, while we were waiting for a set of speakers, I had a brief conversation with the Assistant Director who asked why I was interested in working for 9-1-1 and if I thought I could do calltaking or radio. I assured her I could handle both positions and that I didn’t see a problem doing any of the required tasks.

The Friday after that, I spent the night with 2rd shift and I thought it went well. It was a slow night, but I got to learn some things and who a few more people were.

I turned in my application the first day I could and waited to hear back…

December 6. Rumor told me the list of candidates they wanted called back for interviews had been turned into HR the previous friday. I decided to make a follow-up call to HR and see what the status of the position was. After playing phone tag with their office I was told the interviews had been conducted already.

I was, to say the least, not happy. Everyone I knew that worked there or was involved in the department was confident I would at least get an interview.

I’m still trying to find out why I didn’t. HR wasn’t able to tell me anything more than the basic criteria I used. I’ve got a call into the Director to find out what happened. Based on the position description, I can’t see how I wasn’t even qualified to get an interview.

I have been encouraged to persue this legally and I”m honestly not sure what I’m going to do. I’m pretty pissed and really want an explanation, but this county can be so backwards, unwilling to give people a chance, and political that it isn’t even funny.

  • More Employment Saga

Ok, maybe I posted about this, but I’m too lazy to go look, I got beat out for the job with the police/fire departments by… the Police Chief’s brother!!! ARGGHHH!!

Anyway, now I’m waiting to hear back from the hospital about an application I turned in for a second shift help desk position. I think if I don’t get this, I’m giving up and becoming a professional mattress tester.

  • Holidays

We spent the week of Thanksgiving at Treva’s parents’ place in Amish country. We had a good time, but I really wish at least one of the neighbors would get wireless so I could ‘borrow’ it and check my mail. :-).

Christmas will be spent in Wisconsin. We will be getting there on the 23rd and leaving the 29th. Make your appointment with my social secretary now.

  • Other Stuff

Homegroup has been going really well. (No, I’m not just saying that because you read this Rett.) It’s been good having it here and I love having a small group for study and discussion.

Hmmm, what else… Why does JAWS keep crashing while I write this post? Will I ever get my TV’s sound working so I don’t have to reset the mixer every time? Will I ever make enough money to hire a maid to clean my house?? I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned.

I’m sorry for the pathetic length of time between posts. I will try to do better.

I miss you all.

Wow, that looks kind of depressing. It’s not as bad as it looks, I’m just feeling kind of blah about the whole job thing right now and I think that clouds my mood about everything else. I keep telling Treva not to define herself by her work and yet… I seem to be defining myself by my lack thereof. Psychoanalyze that. 🙂


Job Hunt Update

Job Hunt Update


No, I haven’t forgotten. I just have had little inspiration for writing (I do need to do a Birthday post, but that’ll be later).

So. I think the last time we talked I was waiting to hear back from City. I finally did. Here’s the deal.

I have to go in on October 24 and do a written test. If I do well on that, I take a hands-on test, and hopefully get called back for an interview. We’ll see how the test goes. I was expecting a big computer, A+ certification style exam, but when I talked to the Deputy Chief about accomodations, he told me to bring a reader, he made it sound like a 20 question no-big-deal test. He sadi he it’s just on things he thinks are important. So… okay… right.

That’s the excitement. I’ll write about Dad visiting and getting my second wedding ring later, but I need to go get the Taquitos (SP?) from the oven.




Howdy yall. Welcome to our new home on the Internet.

Treva and I decided to combine our blogs and rather than pick one of our existing blogger sites we decided to put it on our domain with a new, fantabulous, WordPress site. I may or may not move all the old entries over, haven’t decided yet.

That’s about it for now. Sit back, relax, and we’ll try to post more.