That Wasn’t Quite the Plan

That Wasn’t Quite the Plan

So, I went back to Best Buy this afternoon and walked out… with a RAM module.

I got the numbers I needed for the store to pull my receipt from the 800 number’s Receipt Department (there’s a whole department for this?). Tech Two, who shall hense forth be known as the Geek Squad Yoda, pulled the receipt and asked if I’d like to pick out a new computer since HAL 9000 said that mine could be taken back as a return since it was quite borked. W00t, okay, new computer for Niner.

GSY hands me off to Computer Sales Dude, who shows me the Asus 1018PB (which I have since learned got CNET’s top back to school netbook rating) and I’m sold. CSG has to hunt down the MOD (Manager [on Duty|of the Day]?) because she has the keys to the storage kingdom. GSY does the exchange and since I have enough return credit, offers to install the 2GB RAM module. I’m annoyed and tired, so I say fine. Good thing I did, because when he pulls the unit out of the box, I realize CSG has pulled the previous model and not the one I wanted. Turns out, after some looking about, that no store in the district has it. The only other netbook in stock that does not have a combined headphone/microphone jack, and can be upgraded to 2 gigs of RAM is a Toshiba. Having had bad luck in the past with Toshiba computers I refused to even touch it. I suggested, and GSY agreed, that it would be just as efficient to give me store credit and I could buy the thing online. So I left the store with two gift cards and the RAM module for the new computer.

Best Buy gift cards and I do not get along. They have those scratch off (sadly not scratch and sniff) stickers on the back that hide the card number and security code. For the second time (ironically the first time was when I bought the original computer) I scratched the cover and the code off. Fortunately a helpful Customer Care rep pulled the number from the computer.

That was a long and boring story to say this. I will have a new computer sometime between tomorrow and Monday. Hopefully, this one won’t blow a fan (or rather, I suppose, have a fan that does blow).

This is why I like desktop computers. If something breaks, you just replace it. Not so easy with tiny little circuits.

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