Shenanigans? I Think So

Shenanigans? I Think So

One of my “friends” has apparently gotten me the fantastic honor of being on the VIP list of the Flagship Resort in Atlantic City…

Or so I was told by the woman from said resort who just called me. The woman offered me “2 round trip airline tickets” […] “4 if I could come pick them up in the next four days. She said these were free tickets if all I did was take a ninety minute resort tour where I would learn how to “vacation on just pennies”. I had to inform her that, much to my great sadness, I was completely swamped and unavailable… for the next 5 months. Sorry, but I just don’t believe it.

However, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to whichever of you was thoughtful enough to consider me worthy of the VIP list. So, leave a comment if it was you and I’ll make sure to properly thank you*.

If this was a legit offer, well, oops, but if it smells like fish, swims like fish, it’s probably not a block of gold.

*With multiple, swift, bootings to your backside.