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In The Space Ship, The Silver Space Ship

In The Space Ship, The Silver Space Ship

Last night a friend from work, her husband, and I attended a They Might Be Giants concert in Towson.

TMBG, you were fantastic and I very much enjoyed you. Despite my assertion of, “I could do that,” in reference to Kevin Ram’s (I believe) amazing trumpet playing I couldn’t and he rocked.

To the people behind me. Avatars of They was one of the funniest parts of the show. Also, shut up, you’re an idiot. Next time you want to spend money to stand around talking, go to a bar. Some of us actually wanted to hear the show.

Now, for the obligatory YouTube drop-ins.

First for Epi, because she very politely thanked me for getting it stuck in her head, “Birdhouse in Your Soul.”

And the cover from “Pushing Daisies”, because it has Kristin Chenoweth, and my platonic love for this woman knows no bounds.

Finally, “The Guitar” where the title of hthis post got it’s name.