200 Water Slides In the Midwest Sun

200 Water Slides In the Midwest Sun

I was cleaning out my folder of automatic downloads from The Funny Music Project and this song from The Great Luke Ski made me grin like an idiot.

My fellow Wisconsillisotans* know that the Wisconsin Dells is where many happy summer memories were made. I’m not sure how much actual time we spent there when I was a kid, but I do have memories of going to a lot of the places mentioned in the song.

Mom can pipe in and correct me if my geography is completely out of whack, but I think I remmeber doing a lot of these things in conjunction with our triennial vacations to the Lighthouse Resort on Fence Lake.

Also, that one time I skipped work around the Fourth of July to go to Noah’s Arc. I mean, come on, it is where the water animals play :-).**

Anyway. Enjoy the song, and if you’ve never been there, think of the fun you could have.

* The conglomeration of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

** “Skipped” only because I didn’t have any vacation days being essentially a Per Diem employee and I forgot to call in until we were on the highway. As it turns out, my boss, and the backup I reported to, were both out that day too.

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