Dallas FD Automated Dispatch

Dallas FD Automated Dispatch

I’m currently in Dallas, TX for a couple days of teaching a company about web accessibility for the blind. As usual I havethe scanner with me.

When I was here last July I noticed that Dallas Fire (it may be the county, but I’m pretty sure city) does an interesting thing with their radio notification of calls. Their CAD system sendsout an automated message that seems to be put together from samples of someone recording unit and address numbers, street names, and chief complaints. I assume they are also using pagers, MDTs, or “rip and run” printers to get the calls out and using the automated system so other units know what’s happening. (I assume this because the alert tone is standard and not a two-toe or other individual unit notification).

I mentioned this on Twitter and a couple people asked about it, so I recorded a couple of pages. Quality sucks cuz I did it with the cell.

I remember reading about something like this during my phase of wanting to be a public safety dispatcher (yeah, okay, that’s not really at all a dead dream), but had never heard it in action. I’m curious what my public safety readers think of this. I personally think it’s a little hard to understand (because it’s sort of choppy).

Dallas Fire Department Automatic Dispatching

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