Blogabirthaversary Day

Blogabirthaversary Day

So not only is today my 26th birthday it is also the sixth anniversary of blogging. Stop looking at the archives, you won’t find where I’ve squirreled those first posts away. (There on another site and someday I might migrate them over, but they’re from a time in my life where things were just… um… Nuts? Yeah, that describes it).

Anyway, my blogaversary aside. I got some pretty cool stuff for my Birthday. Treva bought me a Charging Station from Think Geek that i have on the headboard. I’m no longer sleeping in a sea of cords. 🙂 She also got me a multi-colored LED light buld that sadly needs replacing and the complete box set of the Gilmore Girls. Excellent stuff!

Tonight we’re just relaxing. Mondays are officiall the suck and no one should ever do anything on them. 🙂 Tomorrow we’re heading to ESPN Zone. I have an unexplainable desire to play some air hockey and Skiball but decided Chuck-E-Cheese wasn’t “adult” enough. For some reasons people keep telling me they don’t understand why I think I’m too mature. Brats. All of you! 🙂

Hopefully we’ll have some good pics to post.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes electronic and otherwise. Ya’ll rock!