I am emerging from my blogging hideyhole because I have absolutely had it with this Sarah McGlauclin give us money to sponsor an animal or whatever commercial that runs at least twice every commercial break on Nickelodeon and, more realistically because I feel guilty for not conversating with you awesome people. Before the men from PETA and the SPCA jump out from behind the plants and beat me with pipes, or tree branches, or something allow me to say that I am completely against animal abuse.

I am also against the abuse of my senses. I’m not kidding people. That thing runs all the time. Furthermore Angel gets stuck in my head. Really now. I can tollerate that song as much as the next person, but sheesh, I need a break.

In other news we got seriously lost on the way to work today.

Last night, we went to Baskin-Robbins to participate in their $0.31 a scoop fundraiser for firefighters. We caught a cab from Penn Station and met a guy who seemed nice enough and who we though we might try to use as a regular driver in the morning. I called him this morning, he picked us up. I told him the route I would prefer to take to work (since the route most drivers take takes longer, costs more, and goes right through the heart of downtown traffic). Since his MDT and GPS were down, he proceeded to try and read a map while driving down the road at 55 MPH. Unfortunately for me the seatbelt on my side of the back seat was jammed.

By getting onto I-95, when that was nowhere near necessary, having to turn around, get off near the Inner Harbor, missing the turn onto the southbound street we needed, and getting annoyed when neither of us absolved him of his guilt for making us late, he managed to turn a 20 minute tops trip into 45 minutes. To top it all off I think I accidentally said we would use him every morning when he asked what time we would be ready. GRRR. Well, I give him one more shot. If he can’t get to work in a reasonable time tomorrow I’m telling him we will not be needing his services as I intend to spend the weekend building a matter teleportation system.

I am no longer promising new posts. As much as I would like to blog with something approaching regularity and as many times as I promise posts, I think you’ve all got me figured out. I’m just a big giant liar. I’ll blog when I blog and you, well, if you’re still here I figure it’s because I’ve glommed onto your RSS reader and you’re stuck with me. 🙂

Work is still rocking. I was in Kansas City, MO for all of 26 hours for meetings this week. They went really well and I think some good stuff is going to come out of them.

I’m ducking back into my hole now.

Love me!

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