I’m Fired

I’m Fired

Oh yes. Indeed. I totally fire myself as a contributor to this blog since I cannot seem to update with any regularity.

So, here’s the brief rundown of what’s been happening.

We’re still settling into our new apartment and trying to make it feel like home. We need to put up all the decorative junk Treva has managed to auire over the years 😉 so if anyone wants to come be an interior decorator we’ll put you up on our futon for free.

Work is going great. I get paid to play with all kinds of fun stuff and help people with technology related issues.

Treva is still looking for work and trying to settle in. It’s been kind of an ajustment moving from Richmond to here, but in time it will all smooth out.

We really do need to find a church. Not having a church family is something we miss.

I’ll make an effort to write more soon. We’re working on a podcast too…. soon.

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