I Should Not Be Allowed To Use A TDD

I Should Not Be Allowed To Use A TDD

We got a call today from another agency who needed to test their TDD (telecommunication Device for the Deaf) and was wondering if we had one we could try. Ours is fried, so I suggested another agency she could try.

A few minutes later I realized I could use IM to make a call to her TDD. I could have used 711 relay, but our PBX doesn’t recognize that as a valid number and won’t put the call through. I’ve never exactly done this before, and thusly, made a complete bonehead of myself.

Relay: please hold for the next available operator…
Relay: IP RELAY RO ####F   DIALING ### ### #### PLS HD   
Relay:    RING 1  2    

Here’s where I get stupid. My brain is thinking QQ is Quit and GA is Go ahead (keep waiting).

Me: qq  
Relay: (WHILE U TYPED    
Relay: 7   (F)  yes   
Me [Still thinking we’re talking about waiting for an answer.]: no  
Relay: sounds calm)    (WHILE U TYPED     (HUNG UP ANOTHER CALL QQ)  
Me: no  

It wasn’t until a minute or so later that I remembered QQ is the equivelant of a question mark and in fact the other party had answered her phone. Rather than embarass myself further I dug up the number for Relay Indiana and used that instead.

I found out later that she had answered and knocked the receiver off the acoustic coupler on top of the unit and the situation wasn’t entirely mny fault, but I still think I looked like a bonehead. 🙂