I’ve Been Messing With the Blog

I’ve Been Messing With the Blog

Okay. Y’all may have seen a lot of short, random, posts to the blog over the past week. They seemed like a good idea at the time… Let me explain.

Last week on the way to an appointment I thought to myself, “Man, I want to put this thought on the blog and on twitter. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could have the blog grab my twitter posts and turn them into feeds?” At this point, I diverged into an internal monologue about the technical feasability of this process which I will not bore you with here. It turns out someone already did the dirty work for me and all I had to do was install a plug in.

Excellent, I thought, now I can post to twitter and have a reminder of things I want to “flesh out” on the site later. It was a couple days later that I realized I didn’t like the way the post titles were coming out. The plugin was using the first 30 characters of the post for the title. Yesterday I figured I would rework it so the time was included in the title instead. Well, for some reason I could only get the date and time or the whole thing looked like I wrote it in 1999.

So for now I think I’ll just leave the twitter updates in the sidebar and try, I know so far unsuccessfully, to actually post things of value here.

Also, for some odd reason I wasn’t getting e-mails when comments were being posted. Hopefully that’s fixed now.

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