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Lovly. 2 minutes of rain, 4 lightning strikes and I have no electricity.
The strm, if you can call it that, took down a line around the block and I’m betting they’re getting it fixed now.
Note to Mother Nature. At least hit us with something we storn spottrs can get playtime out of. Thanks.

WEE. It works

WEE. It works

Excellent. My ability to post by email now works and I can regail you all with my goings on as they go on. My first question to the blogosphere is…
How much power is Franklin county dispatch putting out? I’m two counties north of them and they completely trounce the county north of me when they key up.
See, aren’t you all so excited I can now post whenever I want. HEHEHEHAHAHAHA .

I Haven’t Disappeared… Yet

I Haven’t Disappeared… Yet

Um… Hi… No, much to the chagrin of my few mortal enemies I have not been mauled by a pack of wild bores resulting in the loss of my hands and therefore stripping me of my ability to type.

I haven’t posted in a while owing, mostly, to the fact that I am lazy and procrastinate. (sidebar: also the same reason we have not podcasted in a while). So, I beg your forgiveness and indulgence as I try to catch you, who are still paying attention, up on the goings on around the Niner compound.

As I alluded to in an earlier post I got a job in May. I have been hired as a Resource Specialist by the Independent Living Center in our area. Our agency (Treva works there as well) is a private, nonprofit, consumer directed and controlled, organization which serves people with disabilities in a 7 county area in this part of the state. We provide 4 core services to our consumers:

  • Advocacy, both for individuals and systems change. We not only help people with disabilities receive the services they need to help them gain, or maintain, their independence, but we also work for broader community changes such as increased public transportation, curb cuts for people with mobility impairments, accessible public facilities, and other issues of that nature.

  • Information and Referral. We provide information on community and private resources including housing, transportation, benefits assistance, educational services for children, and other areas of interest to people with disabilities and their families.

  • Peer Support and Mentoring

  • Independent Living Skillt Training

Everything we do can end up fitting into one of these categories. Our goal is to empower people with disabilities and help them to find the services and products to help them live as independently as possible.

My job is quite a challenge for me. It involves a wide range of areas that are completely new in addition to some of the things that I have done before. I am responsible for new program development, supervising fundraising efforts, helping with grant writing, budgeting, clinical supervision and caseload management/assignment, computer database systems (including rewriting the consumer database I wrote 3 years ago [it has some issues]), quality assurance, staff training, working on our website, being a verbal punching bag for the 7 women in the office (there is a 7:2 female/male ratio), and of course the all-encompassing “other duties as assigned.”

I still may enter the arena of public safety in some capacity at some point in time. Rebekah thanks for the encouragement, it does help! For now I’ll see how this goes. It’s been fun, challenging, and of ourse occasionally frustrating, but I’m learning a lot and gaining some valuable skills.

Other than work, we’ve been trying to keep busy. We started out the summer by putting a new roof on the house over Memorial Day weekend. Treva’s family and my Dad were a huge help with that. We started tear-off about 11:00 on Friday morning and I hammered the last nail in at 21:00, in the poring rain, Saturday night. The rain was great though, it washed things down, cooled us off, and gave the roof a leak test. I guess it was just Mother Nature’s way of pitching in too.

June has been crazy too. We just got back from Wisconsin/Illinois where we attended my cousin’s wedding. It was a wonderful ceremony and I’m really excited for her. Her new husband fits right into the family and I think they will be absolutely blessed by God on their journey together.

Last week we were in Muncie for another friend’s wedding. Sheesh, I’m noticing a pattern of weddings. Scary! 🙂

Friday we ead for Atlanta for the 2007 NFB convention. This is going to be a crazy fun week for us. I can’t wait.

In honor of the NFB convention, we are going to do something special for the podcast. We’re going to do one show on general blindness stuff, and one specifically on technology. So post your questions here or send them to me in email if you want and we’ll try to answer them.

All right. I’m off to bed. Hopefully I’ll get some more posting in. I’ve also got a new phone that talks to me and let’s me do fun things like e-mail, so there’s a good chance I’ll pop random thoughts in from time to time. 🙂

I love all of you for not giving up on this blog and deleting it from your reads list.

NFB March for Independence

NFB March for Independence

I know I haven’t written in almost forever, but I have a huge post that I’m finishing up to make up for it. In the meantime I wanted to post this in case anyone is interested in sponsoring us for this exciting event.

As most of you know, Treva and I are active members of the National Federation of the blind and will be attending our annual convention in Atlanta in just a few short weeks. At our 2007 national convention the NFB is going to have a 5K walk to raise money for our Imagination Fund. Walkers must raise at least $250 to enter into this March for Independence. we’re not good at asking for money, but you know that we are firm believers in what the NFB stands for. Would you sponsor either of us by contributing towards our $500 goal? If so, we would be most grateful.

If you would like more information please reply to this email, or call one of us. Your sponsorship is fully tax deductible and a receipt will be provided. Online donations will receive automatic acknowledgements.

Since we are both marching, you can feel free to contribute to whichever of us you like best or just pick at random. We promise we won’t hold any grudges based on who you pick. 🙂

To make an online donation please visit one of the following addresses or give us a call if you have questions.


Thank you for supporting our efforts as part of the nations largest and oldest consumer organization of the blind.

I promise a post about my new job is forthcoming! Don’t yell at me SL 🙂