Being Toyed With

Being Toyed With

I’ve written here at length about my job frustrations. Well, now that may be coming to an end, but in a way that I never expected.

For the past several months I’ve been working on possible jobs outside of the area we live in now. All of them are in the extremely preliminary stages at the moment and I have no idea if any will come through. It honestly feels like I’m a rabbit and someone’s dangling a carrot in my face and yanking it away when I go for it. I got a call today giving me the opportunity to work full time and stay in the area though.

The job is nothing that I ever considered doing for a living before, but it involves a lot of work I have either done before or occasionally do now in a volunteer capacity. I just need to pray and make sure that it is what God wants. It really has come out of left field and I didn’t really expect it to happen, but the more I consider it, the more I think I could like it and be good at it.

I’ll give some more details if it all works out, but for now I’m excited and this might just be what we’ve been looking for.

Also, before I forget. I want to thank everyone who commented and e-mailed with words of support regarding the 9-1-1 job. It meant a lot to me! I’m still pursuing a solution to that issue.

I’m just praying that God shows me which direction he wants me to go and that I stay on his path.