5 Reasons I Blog

5 Reasons I Blog

Connie tagged her readers with this. So. Why do I blog?

  1. I started my first blog on Xanga in college because several of my friends began blogging. Most of us were spread out across the country and it was a good way, when any of us actually posted, to keep up with each other.

  2. I’m really bad about keeping in touch with family and friends. I think when I blog they can actually keep up with what I’m doing.

  3. I’ve met a lot of really cool people through blogs. The Internet has really given people a way to connect with new and potential friends.

  4. I use blogging to vent when I need to. Sometimes the rants don’t actually make it to the blog, but I am able to get rid of a lot of stress by writing out my frustrations.

  5. Before I left for college someone at my church told me that I should journal every day. He said it would be a good way to look back over things. I never got into that habbit, mostly because I don’t always feel like I have something to say, but I think blogging is the next best step. Plus, I really enjoy it. And, when someone eventually writes my unauthorized biography, the blog will combat all the mistruths. 🙂

“Niner and Associates” is actually the 4th blog I’ve had. Xanga, MoveableType (which sucks and I deleted it), Blogger and now this one run by WordPress. The Xanga posts are still alive and kicking, but are an insight into a strange time in my life. The Blogger ones are all here. As for the MoveableType posts… like I said I deleted them. Mostly because I was annoyed with the software and then forgot to recover the database before I moved hosts… OOPS.

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