My Crazy Wednesday

My Crazy Wednesday

(Or, How My Day Did Not Go According To Plan.)

What began as a simple enough plan, Meet with a client at 10:00; buy DVD lens cleaner at the mall; get chicken salad, shampoo, chitos, and fabric softener at Kroger; go home; inhale lunch; mail a package; attend a meeting at 14:00 at the City Building; and meet Treva at the office to do something with her computer, was pretty much shot by… oh… 08:22. When…

08:15. I call Orange Cab for a 09:30 pickup, “We can’t get you until around 10 or so.” Fine. I’ll call the other guys. Never On Time Cab told me they could do 09:45, allrighty, close enough.

09:47. Cab pulls in and we’re off to the races.

10:05. Out at the client’s. Return pickup scheduled for 11:30.

11:40. Cab pulls in. I ask them to drop me off at the mall. “No problem, but we have to pick up one other person.” The other person is at a location on the northwest end of town, we are on the southwest, and okay… I’m flexible.

12:10. After picking up the other passengers, and stopping for them at an ATM, I’m at Radio Shack. I go in and ask the guys if it is cheaper to buy a lens cleaning kit, or just for fun, a new DVD player. Turns out, since one is on sale, the price difference is only $6 for the new player. Cool. A new player it is.

13:00. Run into Kroger, get supplies. The meeting at 14:00… not going to happen.

14:00. Home, drop off the groceries and eat.

15:00. Mail the package, find out I no longer have to go to Treva’s office. Time to go back home, and hook up the new DVD player.

Hehe, all in all, it was a successful day. It just didn’t quite go according to plan. I found out later that the bulk of the meeting got rescheduled anyway, so no big loss there.

Okay, time to finish getting everything together for the trek to Wisconsin tomorrow. I’m leaving at 04:30 tomorrow morning. The test got pushed back to 11:30 ET, so wish me luck.