Cover Letter Help

Cover Letter Help

All right. You’re all probably sick of my neverending quest for work, particularly in the dispatch field, (and quite frankly, so am I) but hey, my blog, my content. 🙂

I was all ready to submit the same cover letter I submitted the last time I applied for a job at the local PSAP in our county until tonight. As I was sitting in my Bible Study Fellowship class I got the feeling that i needed to change some stuff in my letter before submitting it. The words were in my head and I was feeling like I had to do it. I took a minute and asked God if 1) it was from him, and 2) shouldn’t I really be paying more attention to Roger’s teaching? I don’t know if he answered my second question, but the idea still stuck with me so I made the change. Now, as usual, I’m second guessing my writing skills and whether I’m getting the idea across that a) I would be good at this job, and b) I really want to do this job. If anyone has any suggestions I would really love to hear them. Particularly the couple of you who are already doing it and might have a better concept of what it takes to get hired.

February 20, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my resume and application for a position as a Communications Specialist with the Wayne County Emergency Communications Department.

My previous experience providing computer technical support has given me the ability to communicate well with other people, both gathering and providing information, in person and over the telephone. I also work well with others in a team environment and alone.

Being involved with the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service and SKYWARN programs I have learned how to communicate efficiently with units in the field. I am able to prioritize incoming information and disseminate it through the proper channels. I am also able to pay attention to more than one radio, as well as information coming through the computer, at the same time.

Eight years of volunteer emergency communication experience, the last 2 and a half with the Wayne County Emergency Management Agency, and growing up with family members in the fire service has given me knowledge of police, fire, and emergency medical service communications. My experience has enabled me to become familiar with the codes, signals, and radio procedures used by many local departments. My years working with the National Weather Service’s SKYWARN program have afforded me the opportunity to gain skills in receiving information, prioritizing information, and disseminating it where appropriate. Through my involvement in the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service and Amateur Radio Emergency Service I have gained knowledge of the communications requirements of local government and public safety agencies in disaster situations.

I remain calm under pressure, and can focus on a caller’s problem even when they are angry or under stress.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to apply for a position with the department. I look forward to hearing from you.


Obviously, the final product will not have the new and old paragraph marks. There just there so I know what I added and what the old version looked like. Also, is there any point in putting something in about being somewhat familiar with IDACS and VisionCAD? I’ve read the training outline and the full manual respectively. Thanks for any feedback good or bad.

Maybe I’m worrying about this too much? Maybe a cover letter is overkill? I just always was taught when you submit a resume a cover letter goes with it.

All right. I’m going away and leaving this to the mercy of all you on the ‘net.