Data Entry Test

Data Entry Test

Wow. I actually heard back from Kenosha County. I have to go take a typing test. I called to find out if there was somewhere I could take it down here, but she said the job centers aren’t that well connected. They’re going to try and get me a back-to-back testing date for the data entry and the other written test which I really appreciate.

Now I just need to work on my accuracy. I have to do 6200 kph (which works out to like 30 wpm) with 95% accuracy. The speed, not the problem. I tend to type too fast and end up backspacing a lot. I wonder if they count it against you if you correct when you realize you made a mistake.

I think I’ll just take Treva’s advice and slow down and work on the accuracy since I know I can type around 70 wpm.

It’s kind of exciting. Although, I’ve gotten to the testing phase before for other jobs, so it’s really nothing new. Nonetheless, it’s kind of cool.

Update: The personnel department called back. If I want to guarentee a spot for the data entry test I need to go on the 26, 27, 1st, or 2nd. She said the Job Center couldn’t guarentee an appointment when the next Saturday written test is since they don’t know when. So, unless God leads me otherwise, I think the plan is this. I’m going to get to Indy on March 1, take MegaBus to Chicago, Metra it to Kenosha and crash with the familia. I’ll take the test Friday and come back Saturday… or Monday. Whichever is cheaper. Yeah, I’m cheap. I know. 🙂