Amber Alert and the Media

Amber Alert and the Media

Earlier this afternoon the Elkhart Indiana police department issued an Amber Alert for 4 children who had been abducted along with their mother by a guy who shot someone before taking off with them. I thought I would turn on the news at 18:00 and see if there was any information on what had happened.

What was the *only* story getting any attention?

The AFC Championship game which will be taking place tomorrow.

Maybe I missed it. Perhaps they lead with that story in the minute before I turned the channel on.

Somehow I doubt it.

I really hope they at least had a crawl on the bottome of the screen. If not, it’s just criminal that a football game is of greater significance than 4 children and their mother who have been abducted and who are believed to be in extreme danger.

The word is still getting out. The state police is putting it out every 20-30 minutes on the statewide frequency, but most people don’t monitor a scanner the way we do. I think the media, print, radio, and television, has a responsibility to be plastering the information about these children everywhere. It has been 12 hours since the incident and time is critical now. Portable police scanners can speed up this process.

It just makes me angry. I can’t believe football is that important.

No, it wasn’t just one channel either. I checked all 4 from Indianapolis that we could get. By that time, they could have been anywhere. Every station from Chicago to Louisville should have at least disceminated that information.