New Laptop Keyboard

New Laptop Keyboard

I briefly ran home yesterday during a 10 hour server repair for a customer I was pleasently surprised to find a new laptop keyboard waiting on my doorstep.

I had called Dell on Tuesday to ask about getting a replacement for the doodad that previously held one of the keys on the board. I had to remove the key to clean something (lemonade… shhh) from the board and lost the piece. Dell said they couldn’t replace the piece, but they would, under warrenty, send me a new keyboard. Sweet.

Figuring on a 3-5 business day turn-around time I was amensely surprised to find it had arrived less than 24 hours later.

The installation process was fairly simple. Pop the hinge cover, remove 3 screws, pull the board, unplug the connector, unlock the clamp holding the ribbon cable in place, take the keyboard off and do it all in reverse. Dell also shipped a replacement palm rest, basically the entire top of the laptop around the keyboard, but that’s going back because i don’t need it and the process to replace it pretty much involves pulling everything apart and there was no way I was going to do that.

I only had to call tech support once because I was not quite sure how to get the clip unlocked and I wanted a tech on the line incase I irreparably damaged it :-).

It is so nice having a keyboard that is not sticky, loud, and most importantly not missing the ‘h’ key.

All this to say it was probably worth not being able to understand the techs I spoke with in order to resolve this issue. I tell people a lot that Dell has had some fairly iffy support issues lately, but I was impressed this time.

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