I Will Not Be Eating There For A While

I Will Not Be Eating There For A While

Every so often the local paper publishes the results of the Health Department’s inspections of local eateries and other establishments involved in the preparation, sale, and/or distribution of food and food like products.

This month’s “EWWW! That’s. So. Nasty.” award goes to.

*drum roll*

Bob Evans Restaurant 454, 950 Mendleson Drive, Richmond, Sept. 21. Critical — 6: 1) Employees were observed changing gloves without washing their hands. 2) An employee was observed placing cheese on top of an omelet with bare hands. 3) An employee was observed handling raw sausage patties and bacon and then handling toast without changing gloves. 4) Cottage cheese at the waitress station measured 46. 5) The can opener in the rear prep area is soiled with a build-up of food debris. 6) Clean dishes stored in the salad prep cooler are soiled with a build-up of fallen food debris. Non-Critical — 1.

That, in case you are wondering, is why I will only consume food at the east side location for the time being.

*cringe* BLECK!