Job Hunt Update

Job Hunt Update


No, I haven’t forgotten. I just have had little inspiration for writing (I do need to do a Birthday post, but that’ll be later).

So. I think the last time we talked I was waiting to hear back from City. I finally did. Here’s the deal.

I have to go in on October 24 and do a written test. If I do well on that, I take a hands-on test, and hopefully get called back for an interview. We’ll see how the test goes. I was expecting a big computer, A+ certification style exam, but when I talked to the Deputy Chief about accomodations, he told me to bring a reader, he made it sound like a 20 question no-big-deal test. He sadi he it’s just on things he thinks are important. So… okay… right.

That’s the excitement. I’ll write about Dad visiting and getting my second wedding ring later, but I need to go get the Taquitos (SP?) from the oven.