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Following Up

Following Up

Yall, making follow-up phone calls about jobs is absolutely nerve racking when you have no idea what you’re supposed to be doing.

As previously discussed I submitted an application for a position with the City last week. Everything I’ve read says make a follow-up phone call, to show interest and see where the process is, in 7-10 days. So I figure okay, I want this job, I’d better figure out what the situation is.

Either I was sleeping, or they didn’t cover this (yes, I realize the order in which those appear, I assure you… it probably is relevant), the day they discussed to how to apply for a job in school, but I had no idea what I was supposed to say. Google, the electronic love of my life, once again saved my butt.

Anyway, armed with my new found knowledge, I call HR, HR transfers me to the Chief’s secretary, who… transfers me to the Chief.




Don’t stutter.

Must. Not. Sound. Like. A. Moron.

I tell him who I am, that I’m calling to follow up on the IT job, and ask about scheduling, or when he expects to schedule, interviews for the position. He tells me they’ll be in touch next week.

Good. Not rejected yet.

ARGGGHHH. Hate waiting. Perseverence… right?

In other news. Homegroup is starting off to be awesome. I’m glad we’re doing this with a groupd of people who, for the most part, I already know and feel comfortable around. I’m horrible. no actually completely petrified, around new people. It takes me a while to get comfortable. And, even though I don’t always say much in discussion, having the chance to grow in faith with a close group of friends is an amazing opportunity that I’m thankful for.



Tom Reynolds from Random Acts of Reality had this to say today:

Only a short post today as I’m off filming for the Alan Yentob series ‘Imagine’.

I’m racing down the road on lights and sirens, there is a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing so I have to slow down to avoid running over the
people who think that it is a good idea to run across the road in front of me.

Sitting, quite calmly, on the side of the road is a Guide dog for the blind. Amidst all these people running across the crossing, trusting that I’ll try
to miss them should they fall over in the middle of the road, the dog sits quietly and doesn’t make a move.

The dog has more sense than the people of Newham.

True as that may be, I kind of wonder where the dog’s owner was.

Also, in totally unrelated news, I forgot to sign the cover letter which went with the resume I turned into the City yesterday. I really, really, hope this is more of an “oops, kind of dumb thing” moment than a “this is going to completely kill your chance of ever getting this job” kind of mistake. I actually really want this IT job, not least of the reasons being I have been promised that should I obtain it I will never have to clean the house again. 🙂