Hello Love

Hello Love

Looooooong day. Full of fun and excitement.

We began by braving a 4-lane highway to get to a Waffle House for breakfast. Eleven happy stomachs later, David Lieu was still recovering from 28 hours without sleep and missed breakfast, and we were back at the hotel making final preparations to head for the ship.

Shortly after noon we all piled into a 24 passenger mini bus, complete with luggage trailer, and were off for the ship terminal. Upon arrival we dropped off our bags and went to check in. Security here was similar to that at an airport complete with the usual wanding of yours truely. After clearing the metal detectors we were handed medical release forms. Seems there was some concern about a recent instance were Gastro-Intestinal disease, and the cruiseline wanted to screen for potential problems. In fact, we heard a rumor that, a family was denied boarding because they had recently been sick.

We soon made our way onto the ship and found our stateroom. This ship is huge. Fifteen stories of guest rooms, dining facilities, theaters, an ice/inline skating rink, a rock climbing wall, a fitness center/spa, hot tubs, a cassino, a shopping mall, and so much more are all onboard.

Treva, Dad, Melissa and I explored the ship for a while after which point we stopped for a quick bite to eat. Then came the mandatory lifeboat muster drill. Man, all I have to say is, I hope I never have a reason to wear a cervicle collar. The life jacket felt just like one only with more padding in front making me look pregnant too.

We waved good-bye to the port as we shoved off. Our luggage arrived just in time to change and catch the Welcome aboard show.

Our perpetually perky Cruise Director, Becky, gave me the title for this post by telling everyone that she was from Coventry and we should all make new friends by saying “hallow luv.” After an entertaining show it was time to go to dinner.

What a magnificent affair that was. Incredible food, wonderful service.

Following dinner was a parade of staff on the prominad. Then we finally retired for the evening, unpacking, enjoying a snack from room service, and now sleeping.

Tomorrow we’re at sea all day.

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