Feminists Have Fun

Feminists Have Fun

July 3, 1858

Advice to wives from a now-extinct Richmond newspaper.

Richmond’s oddest-named newspaper, the Broad Axe of Freedom & Grubbing Hoe of Truth, published between 1856 and 1864, gave advice that is very much antiquated today.

The July 3, 1858, Ladies Department column read:

“Now, women, in the first place, you must never obtrude your opinion on any subject whatever — always try to remember your inferiority and insignificance — try by all means to cultivate a submissive and deferential spirit, which you can the more easily do by keeping constantly in view that man is the living embodiment of lordly greatness and power — the great oak, while you are the tender vine, and only too happy to twine your graceful tendrils around the strong and manly form. It is your duty, of course, to be pleased with whatever he does, and by your hopeful, loving spirit chase away the shadows from his heart… You must be very careful that everything is in order when his feet cross the threshold — let there be no unmade beds, scattered clothing, or crying children, because it would be very annoying, and perhaps ruffle his temper. But have the children, whether they are few or many, in a pleasant humor, nicely washed and combed — have a good warm dinner, or tasteful and elegant supper awaiting his return, and don’t worry him by asking him to spend the evening with you, when the concert of the theatre affords him so much more pleasure — you certainly could not be so selfish as to make such a demand.”

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