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Hello Love

Hello Love

Looooooong day. Full of fun and excitement.

We began by braving a 4-lane highway to get to a Waffle House for breakfast. Eleven happy stomachs later, David Lieu was still recovering from 28 hours without sleep and missed breakfast, and we were back at the hotel making final preparations to head for the ship.

Shortly after noon we all piled into a 24 passenger mini bus, complete with luggage trailer, and were off for the ship terminal. Upon arrival we dropped off our bags and went to check in. Security here was similar to that at an airport complete with the usual wanding of yours truely. After clearing the metal detectors we were handed medical release forms. Seems there was some concern about a recent instance were Gastro-Intestinal disease, and the cruiseline wanted to screen for potential problems. In fact, we heard a rumor that, a family was denied boarding because they had recently been sick.

We soon made our way onto the ship and found our stateroom. This ship is huge. Fifteen stories of guest rooms, dining facilities, theaters, an ice/inline skating rink, a rock climbing wall, a fitness center/spa, hot tubs, a cassino, a shopping mall, and so much more are all onboard.

Treva, Dad, Melissa and I explored the ship for a while after which point we stopped for a quick bite to eat. Then came the mandatory lifeboat muster drill. Man, all I have to say is, I hope I never have a reason to wear a cervicle collar. The life jacket felt just like one only with more padding in front making me look pregnant too.

We waved good-bye to the port as we shoved off. Our luggage arrived just in time to change and catch the Welcome aboard show.

Our perpetually perky Cruise Director, Becky, gave me the title for this post by telling everyone that she was from Coventry and we should all make new friends by saying “hallow luv.” After an entertaining show it was time to go to dinner.

What a magnificent affair that was. Incredible food, wonderful service.

Following dinner was a parade of staff on the prominad. Then we finally retired for the evening, unpacking, enjoying a snack from room service, and now sleeping.

Tomorrow we’re at sea all day.

On Our Way

On Our Way

We’re in Orlando for the night. Tomorrow we head for Port Canaveral and set sail.

We made it safely and without incident from Indiana. We were the last ones to arrive. We caught up with the other 12 family members who are here for dinner. Five others are coming, but they’re already in Port Canaveral.

The flight was good. Excellent, actually, considering we got a free upgrade to First Class. Ironically, as Treva pointed out, it’s not like either one of us is tall enough to appreciate the extra leg room, but the drinks right when you board were pretty cool.

Everyone is really excited and 14:00 tomorrow cannot come soon enough.

Almost Here

Almost Here

In slightly over 24 hours the big trip will have finally arrived.

We will be leaving for our 7 day Western Caribbean cruise tomorrow. Here’s a quick rundown of the events.

Fly to Orlando, meet up with the 15 other family members making the trip.

Drive to Port Canaveral; board the ship and set sale at 17:00 local time.

At sea all day.

Labadee, Hispanola, Hati. RCCL has a brivate beach island here. Water activities, beach, fun.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We’ve got an excursion planned that will take us on a tour of the island, plus allow for some shopping and sampling of the local food.

Georgetown, Grand Cayman. We’re going on a Rays, Reef and Rumpoint tour. We’ll hit the Sting Ray Sandbar, some reef thing, and Rumpoint beach.

Cozumel, Mexico. I’m going SCUBA diving. WOOT!

At sea all day.

Return home

This is going to ROCK! Man, what a way to celebrate the grandparents’ 50th anniversary.

I’m going to write entries and take pictures while we’re gone and upload when we come back. So stay tuned.



If any of you want to make some money by driving me and/or Treva around, let’s talk. I’m willing to pay at least as much as I do for a cab, but I also like to use services as Uber or Lyft, and the help of services like Brooklyn Lyft Attorney in case accidents happen while using these services.

Seriously. Let’s talk. Cuz waiting an hour when you’re told 35 minutes, consistantly, is annoying.

Oh, and Mr. Cabdriverman, I hope you don’t get pulled over with that illegal scanner you’re running around with.

Female Bonding

Female Bonding

Our house has been over run by women who are presently engaged in some sort of primative bonding ritual which appears to involve soaking their feet in water and then coating them with foul, unnatural smelling substances.

This is how Treva decided to spend her birthday. Meh. I don’t get it.

So. Glad. I’m. A. Man.

Haha. LOL. They’re having fun. I’m hiding in the office. All is truely right with the world.

Better Than I Expected

Better Than I Expected

Well, things went better than i had thought today.

I talked with my business partner and am just going to work as a contractor for now. I am no longer part owner of the company.

I feel better. Much relieved and relaxed.

God was definitely helping me through it. Even though I was nervous and unsure of what to say.

And Treva totally rocks the cheese!

Tonight’s Funny

Tonight’s Funny

I got dragged into Baby’s-R-Us tonight by my wife and our friends Doug and Theresa who are expecting their first child in December. While I quite frankly can’t stand shopping, and the idea of children frightens me even more, I do have to relate this amusing occurrence.

Doug: (while examining a crib) Hmmm, how do you get it up?
Me: (mumbling to Treva) You oughtta know, that’s what got you here in the first place.



Have you ever been through a period where it feels like you’re drifting, just going through the motions? Working to please someone, who in the grand scheme of your life, isn’t even the one you should really be pleasing. I feel like that’s where I am lately. Drifting through life hoping no one notices that I’m wandering and unhappy. I’m totally unfocused, my work has been totally craperific, and I feel like I accomplish absolutely nothing on a day-to-day basis.

When we first started this business I was so excited. I thought it would be great to be my own boss. To make the decissions. To make a million bucks. Well, a year and a half later and I just feel completely drained.

My partner has all these big ideas which sound great, but involve a lot of risk I don’t think I’m ready to take. I’ve got a brand new wife and house, so I have no desire to take on more debt. I hate that I need to tell him this. I feel like I’m going to crush his dream if I back out. I don’t want to be the owner. I’m just not there right now.

I want to work a job and gain experience. I don’t want to start off “in management.” Some people have that in them, I don’t.

I found out today that I may have a chance to apply for the job I’ve been wanting for some time. I got incredibly excited, even at the possibility of a maybe chance, and then it came crashing in on me. I can’t do anything until I talk to my partner. I have to tell him how I’m feeling. I have to tell him that I’m not ready to sign the papers and go to the next level with the company, such as it is. I have to do it tomorrow. I hate this.

I don’t think this was a mistake, starting the business. I think it was right at the time and now I need to move on. I have no problem being an employee or doing contract work for him, but I’m just not willing to take the chances he is now. I don’t even know how he is with a steady job and a new baby on the way, but I guess we’re both coming to a similar crossroads, all be it diverging in opposite directions. He, wanting to be on his own and take a risk, and me looking for the security and regular income of a “regular” job.

I pray about this constantly and all I get is confusion in my heart. I know what I think I have to do, but is it right? Am I hearring God’s voice? Am I just so tired of working and not feeling like I’m getting anywhere that I’m convincing myself I should quit before seeing it through? How do you know the difference?

One of our pastors says to talk to other friends who are believers, but I feel like talking to my friends puts them in an awkward position since they’re all friends with my business partner. Man was that ever a dumb idea, starting a business with a friend. Meh, seemed smart at the time anyway.

I’ll just keep praying and anyone reading this please do the same.