Quick Update

Quick Update

Okay, I know, I’m a slacker. Got a bunch of stuff to write about though.

  • Active Shooter Drill at RCS & the Sheriff’s Mobile Command Center.
  • How I fixed the BrailleNote to work with my Bluetooth
  • Firefox and JAWS
  • Our trip to Wisconsin
  • My awesome KNFB Reader

I’m pretty sure there was something else, but I blanked… so just hang in there. I’m flying to Nebraska on Thursday so I should have some time to catch up on my blogging on the plane.

Also, another quick note. My wife and I are going to combine blogs and move to WordPress on our own server. I’ll give you more details when we get the software up. Also, watch for the upcoming podcast… um when we finish, I guess we have to start first, recording.

To completely seal the deal on my status as a nerd… I give you the list of old television series currently parked in my NetFlix queue.

  • Emergency! – Totally the best paramedic drama ever.
  • Dougie Houser M.D. – I don’t even know, but we watched the first season a few months back and it’s still good.
  • SeaQuest DSV – Season 1 rocked. Season 2 kind of sucked. Season 3, well I hope NBC regrets even going there.

I’m outta for now.

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