Vision Expo, Progressive Dinner, and I SAW IT

Vision Expo, Progressive Dinner, and I SAW IT

Today was the Indiana State Library’s first Vision Expo. Tigress and I took a bunch of small, non-techy, but still necessary aids to sell for her employer’s new Independent Living Products business.

There was a pretty good turn out at the expo. About 15 other vendors from around the state showed up. Products ranged from CCTV’s to basics like writing guides, check guides, and magnifiers, to newspaper reading services including NFB Newsline.

Later in the afternoon I got a chance to slip away from the table to see it. Yes, kids, that’s right. I saw it. The fantabulous, astonishing, fantasmagorical, KNFB Reader. Man is she a fine looking piece of tech gadgetry. It’s the size of a PDA, and the thickness of a PDA with a small digital camera attached to the back. Held together in a leather, maybe vynl the details don’t matter, case. When our state NFB president was demonstrating it I timed it about 20 seconds to take a picture, clean up the image, and OCR the text. That’s actually about what the flatbed scanner at home takes, so not too bad. I’m guessing that can only get faster as the software improves.

My wife pointed out that you need steady hands to use it since you have to hold the camera above the document, but they are planning on releasing a stand to help should you desire.

I’m still expecting my demo unit in early May and, assuming a NDR doesn’t get in the way, will report more then.

Once we returned from Indy it was time for the IDX Progressive Dinner with A Twist.

For those of you who don’t know, and I didn’t until I moved here, a progressive dinner involves going to different homes for each course of the meal. Since, aparently, our group is too roudy and insane to allow into anyones home, I say this because no one wanted to host the dinner, we changed the rules a bit. We hit Apple Bees for appetizers, Sheba’s for the mean, and Sacred Grounds for dessert and coffee. Afterwards we retired to Tony and Rett’s, where I rotated between mocking the pool players and the Scrabble folks. See yall, I’m an equal opportunity pain in the butt.

Also Sarah L., for now, the answer is still NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. We’ll keep practicing though.

Now if you’ll excuse me…

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