I Got My Mouth Soaped

I Got My Mouth Soaped

No Rett, this isn’t some kinky game we’ve been playing. Although…

Um. Right.

Moving on with the story.

In our bathroom we have on of those matching accessory sets. You know the kind. Matching toothbrush holder, water cup, trash receptacle, and soap dispenser. It is this last item which provides the fodder for tonight’s bedtime story.

Having just assisted our Heroine in placing clean laundry in the appropriate clean laundry storage locals, our Hero retires to the futon to watch a rerun of the Gilmore Girls while our Heroine attends to additional tasks around the Royal Castle. Her quest brings her to the empty bathroom soap dispenser where she braves the vile an mysterious creatures who inhabit the nether regions of the bathroom cabinet in search of fresh scented, bacteria abolishing, liquid soap. She completes her task and also retires to the royal futon to enjoy the company of our Hero.

Fast forward an hour or so. Their evening’s entertainment now complete, the happy couple adjourn to the Royal Throan Room to complete their nightly ablutions.

This process necessitates our Heroine using the newly refilled Royal Soap Dispenser. To her great horror she is unable to make the device function within its alleged specifications.

Flying into a Royal rage (otherwise known as a hissy fit, or temper tantrum) our Heroine demands that this problem be immediately corrected else our Hero may just find himself in the Royal Doghouse.

Having previously vanquished the vicious fire breathing dragon (er, uh cranky raccoons) from the Royal Backyard Shanty (shed) he figures this mere piece of household convenience will prove little challenge.

After glowering and making threatening gestures at the Royal Soap Dispenser our Hero proceeds to dismantle the unit. Upon a suggestion from our Heroine he begins to investigate for a clog in the soap outlet mechanism. Finding that water cannot pass through, our hero places the tube against his lips and blows the clog free.

While reassembling the device our Hero notices a slightly displeasing taste on his tongue. Sure enough he has managed to inhale some of the Royal Hand Cleanser.

After hastily downing a much more pleasing Royal Beverage our Hero and a grateful Heroine retire to the Royal Bedchamber for a much needed night of rest.

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