Child Safety

Child Safety

I am absolutely flabbergasted at the neglect our state legislators place on child safety. This was in todayís newspaper in an article discussing the laws coming from the last legislative session.

Child restraint systems exception

During the Indiana General Assembly’s 2005 session, it passed legislation requiring all children to ride properly restrained in a child restraint until their eighth birthday.

Legislation passed during the most recent session states those earlier regulations do not apply during a funeral procession and the return trip to the funeral home.

Iím perplexed. I know that funeral processions drive rather slowly, but thereís still a chance of an accident. An accident which could cause any unrestrained passenger to be injured.

Indiana already has an exception to the child restraint laws that says if a child is in a cab they do not have to be in a safety seat. Almost every member of the public safety community I have heard, or discussed this with, has indicated their outrage at this. Why are we making it easy to neglect the safety o our children. Spend the $50 on a safety seat! Itís much better than the medical bills youíre going to pay when the cab is broadsided by an inattentive dimwit and your child is ejected from the vehicle and subsequently ends up in a vegetative state from head injuries.

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