TV Disasters

TV Disasters

Is anyone who gets the Discovery Channel willing to tape these for me?

Perfect Disaster: Super Tornado
Discovery Channel, March 19th 9PM, April 6th 8PM, April 16th 8PM.
Eastern Times, check Cable-TV listings.

The series examines what might happen if some of Nature’s most destructive
storms were unleashed on some of the world’s most populous cities.

Each catastrophe is presented as a mini-movie, complete with actors and
fictional storylines, but unlike similar Hollywood creations, each
episode is peppered with expert scientific commentary and slick computer
animations explaining the science behind the storms.

The series’ tagline is “It may not happen tomorrow, but it is scientific prediction.”

Each episode takes a natural disaster and imagines what might happen if
it were ratcheted up a notch to become the “perfect storm” of its type.
Tornadoes become mega-tornadoes that reduce entire cities to rubble and
solar storms are so powerful they can generate global blackouts that
last for years.

The special effects in each episode are top-notch and the acting is
generally good. If viewers were to tune in during a part that didn’t
involve an educational animation or scientific commentators-like Alan
Moller from the National Weather Service explaining the science of
tornadoes- they might be fooled into thinking they were watching a
typical Hollywood disaster flick.  (Commentary by Live Science’s Ker Than)

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