No Storms

No Storms

We made it through the Tornado watch with no incidents. Fortunately, the temperatures did not heat up early enough to cause any convection and destabilize the line of storms moving through the area.

We saw some minor rain between 11:00 and 11:30 before NWS cancelled the watch a few minutes early.

A flood watch was left in effect until 19:00, but we dindít experience any additional rainfall.

We remain under a wind advisory until 05:00 tomorrow morning. A wind advisory is issued when sustained winds are expected to be between 31-39 MPH or gusts are expected to be greater than 46 MPH. Hereís hoping our roof stays where it should be.


Ironically, or fittingly, tonight was our countyís storm spotter training. We had 39 people show up including a couple who are interested in obtaining their amateur radio licenses.

All righ. Iím off to watch The Apprentice.

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