Severe Weather Awareness Week

Severe Weather Awareness Week

March 5-12 is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Indiana. As a part of this, we had the first of two drills this morning with another one to follow this evening.

We had 4 spotters check-in to our SKYWARN net. Pretty good for a weekday.

I found the radio I want. The EOC just got a new Kenwood TM-D700. Nice rig, great voice synthesizer. Love the fact that yo can monitor two channels simultaneously. I only with you could monitor while transmitting, but I donít think any radio can do that.

Itís cold, wet, and rainy outside. Iím going to take a nap.

Peace out.


Also, people, go spend the $50 on a NOAA Weather Alert Radio.

ďWhy? My city has tornado sires. Why should I go spend my hard earned money on soe radio thingy.Ē

Ah, good point. Your community may have the latest in piercingly loud outdoor warning technology. The key word being OUTDOOR. No tornado siren in production is designed to alert persos who are inside of impending danger. I live very close to a siren, and I sleep right through it. A NOAA Weather Radio is about the only thing thatís going to wake me up for something like this. If youíre worried about it going off for surrounding counties, most of them come with  SAME technology which, once programmed, will only activate the receiver when an alert is sent for your county.

If you live in my county Emergency Management had a deal gong to get a discount on a nice radio. I own one myself and itís perfect. Contact EMA or me for the details if youíre interested.

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