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CERT Training – Night 3

CERT Training – Night 3

Tonight we learned about “CERT and Terrorism.”

We discussed the definition of terrorism. Basically, it all depends on what motivated the perpretrators of the event to do what they did. The FBI’s definition of terrorism is essentially, “Use of unlawful means to influence the decisions of a government for political or sociological reasons.”

We also discussed recent terrorist events and how they impacted our society.

Then we learned about the 5 major types of weapons terrorists employ. Biological, Nuclear, Insendiary, Chemical and Explosive (Be NICE). I won’t go into too much detail about the affects of some of these because it’s kind of grusome.

We discussed how to decontaminate yourself if you are exposed to a chemical agent. Remove all your clothing, use ANY water source available (you’re not going to be drinking it) preferably cool water, and lightly wash your skin. You do not want to use hot water because it opens the pours and will allow more of the chemical agent into your system. Also, do not scrub, you want to gently rub your skin with soap and cool water. Also, blot dry. Again rubbing will only force more of the chemical into your system. If you have been exposed, make sure, even if you’ve self-decontaminated, that you are properly deconed by the fire department or such entity. If there has been a chemical spill/attack, the will be out in force offering free showers to everyone.

That pretty much covered it. Thursday we get to play wih, uh I mean learn to extinguish, fire.