CERT Training – Final Exercise

CERT Training – Final Exercise

Wow. Im tired.

I just got back from our final exercise for CERT Training. It was pretty realistic and definitely slightly stressful, but we did all right.

I was picked to be the team leader and so had to tell everyone else what to do. Our scenario was that we were asked by the fire department to assist with the search of the County Administration Building whih suffered damage as a result of an F-2 tornado moving through town.

We got off to a slightly rocky start with 5 people trying to shut off a gas main. Once we got more into the swing of things everyone relaxed a little and started working together. Two teams began an initial triage of the victims inside the area we were searching while we established a treatment area outside.

We began removing victims and treating them in the treatment area. We had a slight error on triage when someone mistaged a delayed victim as an immediate, but we learned from it.

I think our biggest mistake came from mistreating a victim who had a copound fracture of the left femur. He also had blood on his shirt. The team initially treated him for an abdominal wound, missing the fact that he was bleeding out from his Femoral Artery. Unfortunately. by the time the medical team caught the problem in the treatment area, the pt had lost too much blood and died.

After we finished the exercise, we debriefed and critiqued several things. We all had areas where we could have done better, and hopefully with practice we will.

I received a nice compliment from A, a local EMT who was a victim and also critiqued our medical performance. She said she was slightly apprehensive when N her SO and one of our instructors said that the guy who was to be team leader was blind, but she said she was impressed and I did a nice job. I was glad to hear it. I als learned quite a bit of useful medical advice from her during the exercise.

All of us passed and we are now members of CERT Team 3.

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