Firsts and Lasts

Firsts and Lasts

Stole this from Snowflake.


First real best friend:

My cousin Emily We used to do verything together when we were kids.

First school:

Sunshine Mountain pre-school. If that doesnít count, Jefferso Lighthouse Elementary.

First cell phone:

It was a brick. I think it was a Motorola.

First funeral:

My Momís fatherís when I was 6.

First pet:

When I was a kid we had a Springer Spaniel named Sachmo.

First piercing/tattoo:

I am still unblemished.

First big trip:

In 7th grade I went wit my school to Washington D.C. for a week.

First flight:

I canít remember. I know I flew to New Orleans when I was two.

First time out of the country?

This coming July when we go on the cruise. Iím just hoping they let me back in.

First date:

I took C to a dance in high school. I think my first real date was when we went to A&W for dinner one night. Iím pretty sure it was like a year after we started dating. Actually, I think it was the second time we dated. Wow, high school was a strange time.

First job:

My sophomore year of high school R, Sas, Snowflake, and I worked for two weeks helping with a summer school program. Remember the Madlibs? There is also at least one story in there about a giant basket and the schoolís swimming pool.


Last person you hugged:

My wife this morning befoe she left.

Last car ride:

Last night coming home from training.

Last time you cried?

My wedding maybe? Donít know.

Last movie you watched:

I donít remember if Iíve seen anything since The Chronicles of Narnia.

Last person of the opposite sex that you talked to:

My wife.

Last shirt worn:

The maroon turtle neck I slept in.

Last phone call:

Called a customer to set up an appointment next week.

Last instant message:

Ryan last night. We were talking about a racing game we never got around to playing.

Last thing you touched:

The spot on my face that I shaved rather badly this morning.

Last Funeral:

My Great Grandmotherís memorial service.

Last time at the mall:

I try to forget traumatic experiences, but Iím pretty sure it was a few weeks ago when I had to buy new steel toed boots.

Last time you were excited about something:

Last week when I was at Dispatch. Man I want to work there.

Last person you saw:

My wife. I guess I donít get ot much :-).

Last thing you drank:

A glass of Pepsi.

Last person that broke your heart:

Wow, Iím pretty sure I did most of the heart breaking. Which means there are probably some angry girls just lurking around the corner waitig to stomp on me with those evil, big, stompy high heeld shoe things they wear. Or, hopefully, not. I still love most of you, just not like that……. ďNo! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!Ē

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