CERT Training – Night Ten

CERT Training – Night Ten

Last night we did another exercise in preparation for Saturdayís final class activity. We had to suit up, and run through an entire mission from size-up to medical treatment. The only difference between last nightís drill and Saturdayís, and donít get me wrong it will make a huge difference, was there were only cards and not real, simulated, victims.

Once we completed the initial size-up, my partner and I were assigned to the medical treatment area. We had to re-triage an treat the victims brought in by the search and rescue teams.

We did pretty well with only a couple of victims being miss triaged into the wrong category. Definitey going to go over our triage cards before te next class.

Iím thinking of volunteering to be the team leader on Thursday because I think I saw some things that could have been done better, and Iíd like to try to see if Iím right, or just looking at it from a different prospective.

The rest of the night was Disaster Psychology. We were given some suggestions on dealing with stress and how to cope after a disaster. We were also taught what not to say to victims and how to handle a dead victim.

My favorite quote of the night comes from the exercise. Note that Super Cop is not actually a police officer, but thinks he is.

Super Cop: This guyís dead.
Me: No, actually not. Heíll probably lose both legs, but heís still breathing.

The patient was presented as having been trapped under a wall. Both lower extremities were crushed, feet blue and cold, no distal pulses. Nowhere was it said that he was not breathing. Almost certainly a red tag straight to the nearest level one trauma center, but not, at that moment, headed to the morgue.

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