CERT Training – Night Eight

CERT Training – Night Eight

We started the evning off with another triage exercise. We were paired up and had to enter an area where a simulated explosion had occurred. We were to triage the patients and report back to the team leader with their conditions.

We got off to a slightly rocky start but got the hang of it. We had 3 patients, one was triaged into each category. It took a moment for my partner to get passed triaging by the nature of the injury rather than the START Triage method, but we got it.

We’ve been promised at least one more triage drill before next Saturday’s final drill.

The remainder of the evening was spent on learning to conduct a head-to-toe assessment on a patient once they have been moved to the treatment area and learning to splint fractures.

This was all good information and we were sent home with instructions to do 4 assessments on someone and practice splinting before the next class.

During the class the printer that spits out weather bulletins kept going off. We had a line of severe storms building that hit our area about 22:15 and caused a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the next hour. I brought up an informal spotter net since it was February and most of our people were crashed for the evening. Experience says during the summer, I should get more people, but I hope that proves true since one spotter cannot cover the entire county. It was good practice if nothing else.

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