CERT Training – Night Seven

CERT Training – Night Seven

I got involved in something last night and forgot to post about my CERT class last night.

We started the section Disaster Medical Operations. This class was about doing an initial assessment and triage.

Triage comes from a French word meaning ďto sort.Ē It is the process of assessing the injuries and condition of a patient and determining if they require Immediate (red tag), Delayed (Yellow tag), or Dead (Black tag), transport to a treatment or morgue area.

We also learned how to control bleeding and attempt to open an airway if someone isnít breathing. I donít remember if I touched on this before or not, but in a major disaster situation, you donít start CPR. The rational is that if you start it, you cannot stop until more advanced care is on scene to relieve you. If you and your buddy are tied up with a one patient you canít help the rest that have a better chance of survival. It was kind of a hard idea to think about, but it does make sense. In a Mass Casualty Incident, you need to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

After running through a couple of triage drills we watched a video where a firefighter triaged a buss with 15 patients involved in an MVA in under 3 minutes. Weíve got some work to do

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