CERT Training – Night Six

CERT Training – Night Six

Tonight we practiced the extrication techniques we learned on Tuesday.

We reviewed the steps for extricating a victim from under debris and then we did the practical part.

One of our instructors stood on a wall pannel and we were to crib the board up evenly so that neither he nor the glass of water on the board would fall over. We quite successfully pulled this off switching places along the way to give everyone a turn at the jobs.

Cribbing is the process of lifting the debris with a lever and fulcrum and building box cribs with wood to stableize the debris when it is lowered. The idea is to build up the debris so that it is removed from on top of the victim and you can get them out.

We next practiced doing it on an actual victim (well a dummy). I was on the medical team with one of the other participants. We built an improvised stretcher from a tarp and two pipes. The only problem came when it was time to lift the stretcher with the victim. Someone who should have not been in charge (he was at the feet of the patient and the person at the head gives the orders) said to lift and we weren’t all ready. So the patient comes sliding off toward me. OOPS!!! He got a lecture on who was in charge and then we moved the patient successfully.

Tuesday we start the medical portion of the class.

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