CERT Training – Night Two

CERT Training – Night Two

Tonight was another night of get-aquainted with CERT and emergency response.

We started off with an exercise designed to practice what we had learned in the last class about the Incident Command System. An Indicent Commander was appointed by the trainer. The IC had to appoint an Operations Chief, Planning Section, and Logistics section. Our task was to build a freestanding tower that was at least five feet tall. Logistics was told to find 2 pieces of cardboard, 40 sheets of construction paper, Scotch tape, and scissors.

One of the women in the class and I were the Planning Section. We had to tell the Operations Chief how we thought they should accomplish the task. We suggested using a piece of cardboard as a base, rolling the construction paper into cylendars, and taping the cylendars together to get the requisit height.

It worked with only one minor modification to our plan. The two pieces of cardboard were used as braces on the sides of the tower instead of on the top or the bottom.

Our instructor said it was the first time he’d ever seen a design like that. He said most teams put four cylendars on the bottom and built it up more like a building. I told him any time I get involved with planning it will be functional, but it will look wierd. I should have gotten a picture.

After that, we learned about disaster preparedness. We discussed recent disasters, and how they affected the community. We learned about what you should put in a disaster kit (72 hour survival kit for your family). We also learned what to do to shelter in place, or evacuate. Good stuff.

Tuesday in CERT and Terrorism, and Thurday we get to put out fires.

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