CERT Class – Night 1

CERT Class – Night 1

Tonight was the first night of my Community Emergency Response Team training class. We’re learning things like basic fire supression, light search and rescue, first aid, triage, damage assessment, and other disaster response skills.

CERT is a program which was started in Japan to teach citizens how to prepare for, and assist their communities after, a major disaster hits. CERT teams can assist in the initial stages of a disaster, freeing trapped victims, providing basic medical support, and letting professional responders know where and what type of help is most needed in their area.

CERT members undergo 24 hours of training in the areas I mentioned above which culminates in a final disaster simulation where everything gets put to the test. I will be attending classes twice a week for the next month to get this training. I’m excited about it. Our Emergency Management Director suggested some of our communications people cross-train with CERT in the event that we need to provide comms for them. Our RACES director and myself are doing just that. Plus I figured since I passed the written test for CERT certification a while ago I should probably get the practical skills training too.

We were issued our “Go kits” tonight too. These are backpacks with quick response gear like first aid supplies, helmet, goggles, gloves, flash light, mask, and other stuff. Tigress says I looked like a geek when I was trying out the stuff. I’m just glad the digital camera is messed up or she might have posted a pic of it.


In other news it appears as if someone is quitting at Dispatch. I’m going to be watching out for the position to get posted and we’ll see. I’m also going to e-mail the 911 Director and see about doing a sit-along for a shift or two. It was suggested to me by someone “in the know” that it could help me sell myself to the dispatchers as a serious candidate.

I just need to figure out how to tell my business partner that I’m looking for other opportunities. He’s in a position at the county who’s assistance I will need if I get the job. I don’t want to stop doing the business necessarily, but ever since December I feel like God is pulling me towards this new carreer. I’m just not sure how to tell a friend, and business partner, that I’m seeking other options particularly when I will need his help if I get the new job to install screen access software.

I know that if it is God’s will that it will work out. I just hate the anticipation and uncertanty of not knowing what’s next and where I’m to go from here.

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