Outlook Woas

Outlook Woas

Yall. Seriously. If you use Outlook for your e-mail *DO NOT LET YOUR DATA FILE GET TO 2 GB*!!!! Bad. Things. Will. Happen.

I’ve got a customer who has a ton, hey I figure if 2,000 pounds is a ton 2,000 megabytes must be too, of e-mail. We’re trying to merge 2 e-mail files into one so everything goes to the server. I go to import the big file, not relizing it was so large, into the other one and Outlook screams at me that it’s currupt. So, not having portable hard drive with me, I copy the file to the customer’s server, come home and start the transfer to my machine. Yall, the file times out at 99%. Ninty-Nine flaming percent. My wrist is still sore from pounding it on the desk in frustration. I rerun the download today and get it tonight. Finally.

The way to fix this problem, believe it or not, is to break the file and then fix it. You get a hex editor, open the file, and change some random bits in the middle to 0s. Then, you run the PST repair program that ships with Outlook and it is supposed to fix everything. Proof still remains to be seen.

!!!IMPORTANT TIP!!!! If you use Outlook. Firstly, do not save file attachments in your e-mail. If you have attachments you want to save, save them to your hard drive. This will save you much headache later.

Secondly. If you, like me, hord tons of e-mail, for say your future memoirs, backup each year’s messages to it’s own archive file. I can make a separate post if anyone’s interested.

!!!END TIP!!!

My brain hurts. I’m gone.

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