Meeting of the Mindless 2005

Meeting of the Mindless 2005

Ok, so I’m like a week behind, but someone had to be last :-).

It was so cool to get together with Sas, Shanti, Snowflake, and our newest Mindless One my beautiful wife Tigress.

Aside from my wedding, where Sas sang beautifully and had everyone in tears, I don’t think I’ve seen any of them in around 3 years. The opportunity to catch up and cause havoc was just too good.

As we usually do, we talked about anything, everything, nothing, and sometimes all at the same time. I was really glad to see that, as I suspected, Tigress was just as crazy as the rest of us and fit right in.

I am incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends. I’m glad we can still communicate over the internet and when we get together, we pick up where we left off, like we don’t live 300 miles apart and haven’t seen each other in either of Shanti’s childrens’ lifetimes. Makes me sorry we don’t live a little bit closer.

Great recaps of the event have alson been posted by Shanti, Snowflake, and Sas who also did a killer mashup mix thing of some audio harvested from the event. GO. LISTEN. NOW. IT’s great stuff.

You guys, go get Ventrillo. I’ve already got the server, so come out and play more.

Geez. I sound like a little kid :-).

You guys rock!! I still want my Seeing Eye Kangaroo.

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