Take That Ad Jerks

Take That Ad Jerks

Got this from Clark over at Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things.

While I definitely do not support using women as sex objects in order to sell a product, I do find it interesting that the brand recognition has increased and at the same time, they are not forcing some image of the “perfect woman”, who is infact mostly a fabrication of PhotoShop anyway, down our throats.

If you are a normal, heterosexual male with a healthy Y chromosome, I know you’ve seen the ad- the pure white background, a stunning brunette who purrs
at us, “It’s all about the O,” in a slightly foreign accent.

Kreegah. Tarzan want.

You could care less about Overstock.com or what it sells. The ad fulfils the first rule of advertising, “Be memorable” through its spokesmodel. You wonder
why she’s so enticing, so overwhelmingly feminine that your spinal cord reacts before your brain has processed her image. She’s not your typical ad bimbo
with plastic boobs and collagen injected lips. She’s not blonde. She’s not a twentysomething wearing sprayed-on jeans or a miniskirt. She is an ordinary
mouse-brown, middle-aged, pretty woman. Men would find her approachable. Women would find her non-threatening.

Perhaps that’s the reason right there.

Her name is Sabine Ehrenfeld. She is 41. Originally from Germany (hence the slight accent) she now lives in California. In addition to English and German she speaks French and Italian, is a competent tactical pistol shooter (“Because it’s fun”) and a private pilot. She is a mother. If the accent was Scottish instead of German she would score 100% on your perfect-woman test.

Since her ad began running, Overstock.com’s brand recognition has risen from 12% to 46%, showing the power that a sexy, smart, 40ish, real woman has.

Really, at least my, point is Hollywood can start using real people any time now. I really fear for what my children will see if/when we have them. I’ve seen how much television, and advertising, has changed over the past several years and for the most part it annoys, and even disgusts, me.

I’m not talking about the content of the shows, that’s a topic for a different day, but merely the images that are being seen. In a world where 70% of what you learn is visual, what does it tell say when you see nothing but plastically enhanced bodies, fake parts, and scanky clothing?

I wish the rest of the world shared my values and I could watch TV for entertainment without hearing nothing but double-entandra (?), and watching promiscuous, and loose morraled, individuals parading across the screen because they send a “sexy image”. THat’s not sexy!

Okay, if you happen to look like that, and are naturally that way, or do it for your own satisfaction, fine. When you force yourself to conform to some societal expectation just to fit in, something’s wrong with that.

True, I’m not a woman and I’m not telling them what to think/act/do/eat whatever. What I’m saying is that the Suits need to stop teaching our children that to be sexy is to be tiny and bimbotic.

Right. Time to end this rant. I’m not making sense. I can tell because I started making up words.

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