Sometimes I Just Don’t Get People

Sometimes I Just Don’t Get People

I really canít understand how some people can be so irresponsible with their bodies, and with a life that doesnít even belong to them.

Yesterday, I was running some errands and while riding the bus I saw a former coworker of my wifeís. We started talking and she mentioned that she was going to the doctor later that afternoon. She, very nonchalantly, informed me that she was pregnant again.

A little background. This will be her third pregnancy. She is not married and has given the two previous babies up for adoption. They have both been adopted by the same family and from what I have heard are healthy and well cared for.

I guess I donít understand how someone can be so disconnected from reality and not see how irresponsible it is to continue with this kind of behavior. Sheís in a long-term relationship with th same guy she was with when she had her last child. He has denied that the last child was his.

Iím not a psychologist or anything, but I can only figure, based on other behavior, that she enjoys the attention it brings her. Even if it is potentially negative. Man, she really needs to find God, but other than praying for her, neither one of us knows what to do. Maybe thatís all we can do for now anyway and hope for an opportunity to help more.

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