I know, I promised never to talk about politics on this blog. Wait. I never
did that. Good because it wouldn’t stop me this time.

CNN is reporting the president has signed an executive order suspending the requirement for federal contractors to pay a reasonable wage to their employees. It’s absolutely unbelievable that in
this time of need, and tremendous suffering, that our president is all right
with lining the pockets of the business owners who will be paid billions of
dollars to rebuild hurricane ravaged areas. How can someone who calls
himself a moral man be all right with taking wages from his citizens. Not
all contractors will pay substandard wages, but the unscrupulous ones now
have the opportunity to do so.

I don’t care if you’re an Elephant or a Donkey, but can we all at least come
together on the fact that people are suffering? Can we agree that people
should be paid a reasonable wage for what they do? Can we agree that
rebuilding these cities is going to be a long arduous process and that many
people’s lives have been torn apart and they need to be rebuilt and in order
to do that they will need to earn a living?

I can’t see any possible reason that this could end well. The president has
done a foolish thing. Everyone makes mistakes true. However, if this one is
not corrected, it will be a sad stain on an already blemished canvas that is
our current state of affairs. Between massive communications breakdowns,
unqualified officials leading federal agencies who have lost focus since
being reassigned as part of a new department, and an inability to bring a
national Gas crisis under control, this administration is plagued with
indecision and failure on many levels.

It is easy to sit here an Monday Morning Quarterback, but the fact remains
that mistakes were made and they are only being compounded by screwing
people out of money that is desperately needed by people trying to rebuild
their lives, and not those who are already living the good life.

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