The Craziest Fix

The Craziest Fix

This morning, around 2:00 my BookCourier died. Not just dead batteries, cuz when I replaced them it wouldn’t respond. So after fooling with it for like an hour, I e-mailed tech support.

Then, this afternoon my MP3 player started acting up while I was doing the dishes. I had been listening to a podcast earlier in the day where a guy was describing this same problem. The hard drive just clicked and wouldn’t spin. I thought the fix he got off the Rio Karma message board was a little wacked out, but why not, I’ll try it anyway. Here it is.

  1. Grasp the Karma in your left hand with the screen facing you.
  2. While the unit is on, smack it against your right palm until your hand is red and sore.

As nuts as it sounds, it worked

I figured I’d probably end up breaking it, but not so much.

What happened was the head didn’t park itself properly when I turneed it off. Smacking the unit caused the head to slip back into the park position then the unit piced up like it should have.

Sheesh, that’s nuts. I hope Rio’s tech support never has to describe this procedure to people, because I’m guessing many of them would demand some sot of written assurance that this would not void their warrenty. I sure would have.

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