Since I told Sas that I
update this more frequently than my old site, I thought I’d make that a

Today was quite exhausting. I was at a customer’s office, they’re an
independent living center, and was going to go work on one of their
client’s computers. Since the Tigress forgot our lunches, we were
waiting on someone to bring something. My ride arrived before my food
did, leaving my stomach in a tortured state of unrest.

This appointment was supposed to happen at 1300 and last no longer than
an hour. I had a hair cut scheduled for 1530 and had plenty of time to
get it done right? Well, if this wasn’t the evil day of timewarps and
blackholes converging just to mess with me (darn you Newton, this is all
your fault, somehow) I’d have been correct.

Well, I don’t get to the client’s until 1400. It takes much longer
(thanks Bill Gates and your horrific Windows 98) and I don’t get out
until 1525. I’ve gotten a phone call in the meantime telling me my food
has arrived. My original plan was to get my hair cut, take some stuff to
the post office, and head for Tigress’ for the evening. I got back to
the office at 1535 and ate, read inhaled, my burger and fries. I shoot
the shopping list off the embosser for Tigress, log into the customer’s
server from a different computer and change the server time. This needed
to happen because the server’s clock was 15 minutes fast and screwing up
the timesheet system I wrote for them.

I’m on the way out the door, when the admin director stops me and asks
if I knew the printers were down.

Printers? Nope, didn’t touch them. All I did was…

Yeah, then it hits me.

This happened the last time I used Terminal Services to log into the
server. The print spooler, which controls printing services, crashed.

What this has to do with me logging in to change the time is beyond me,
but I’m sure going to find out.

Anyway. Fifteen minutes later the server is restarted.

Twenty minutes later, the incompetant, selectively hearing-impaired,
individuals who didn’t save their work when advised to do so, by my
soothing tennor voice, are back online and happy.

Time check, 1625. I need to be downtown to catch my bus at 1645. I grab
my ever-present backpack, my suitcase of dirty laundry, and beat feet
for the Post Office.

After stopping for Squad 1 to pull out of the bay at the fire station, I
make it there in plenty of time to get my packages stamped and mailed.
On the way back, I’m once again stopped by Squad 1, rushing to another
call, in the opposite direction. Ah well, good for them. I’m just
jealous cuz I’m listening on the radio and not in the cab of the truck.
Anyway, made it to the bus stop at 1644, no thanks to the guy on the
moped who tried running me over at 5th and Main, and caught my bus.

Got to Tigress’ and washed out my backpack. Guess I forgot to mention my
sunscreen leaked all over. Everything smells like it, and I definitely
do not like my HTs smelling like sunscreen when I go to use them.

Don’t even ask why I’m carrying sunscreen in March. It’s painful,
personal, and I prefer not to talk about it.

I’m going to go sleep now. I’ve got a county RACES meeting in the
morning and we’re studying the required FEMA IS-700 class, which I just
submitted my test for online. Yeah, I know, I’m a nerdy over achiever.

All sarcasm aside. I love days like this. Crazy is good. Keeps things

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